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mcvs dump (3d concept + game models)

At the end of 2015 beginning of 2016, I worked on the ambitious project from Gameloft (modern combat VS) for a few months
I worked with a great team but I mostly worked with Serge Birault who was my art director and I had such a blast. I was given the oportunity to 3d design and then make the game-res models for 3 characters.

One of the character is Seven (she is in the game but this was the first iteration and I don't think she was ever used with the original look) She was the first character I created for the game. I am joingin some of the variants I was creating for the concept.

Then I did Tower, the expendable shield never made it in the game.

and finaly the gunsligger was a concept from Serge Birault and myself.