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Phobos Goddess

Phobos goddess Ninhursag!!! She is from an ancient race that is considered almost immortal they have been present in earth's legends and stories they have been here thousands of years before the humans. She has been called many names from Shakti in india, Isis in egypt and Athena in ancient greece. The Phobos race are called that way because they emerged from Phobos one of the two Mars moon. Phobos was suspected to be hollow due to it's strange gravity. The presence of the monolith also got some humans suspicious in the 21 th century there was no hard evidence of any alien lifeforms until the first mass effect relay was discovered! the phobos race decided to make their entrance as members of our solar system as they decided that humans where mature enough to accept their presence. Phobos was not their original home it was merely a vessel to keep the elite class alive since their home planet was not fit to substain life anymore. They have been seen several times in history under defferent names some called them gods or creators in sumerian and egyptian culture they have been called angels by the christians in medieval times. Some believe that they created the humans to harvest resources for them. Especially gold ( hence the presence of gold in the ceremonial gear)

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